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We're local, independent with fixed pricing & offer free quotations and advice

No job's too simple. Or too complicated.

With over 20 years experience to call on, Datum has the right answer for any given drainage problem.

Whether it's a stubborn blockage or a major failure involving digging up the carriageway, we can scale our response accordingly.

We look beyond the immediate problem and advise you of the underlying cause wherever possible. We pride ourselves on experienced, perceptive and accurate surveying and reporting. We routinely inspect, advise and provide evidence of 3rd-party damage or where a system has been adopted under the transfer of private sewers and lateral drains.

sewage treatment

When connecting to public services isn't an option.

In some installations - for example, where mains drainage is not accessible - private drainage or a pumping station may be the only options. Datum can help you with solutions in these areas:

  • Cesspools: These are temporary sewage containment solutions and need regular emptying and disposal, typically at monthly intervals.
  • Septic tanks: Similar to cesspools, except that a septic tank attempts to process sewage by allowing sewage to settle out and become partly digested via natural bio-processes. A soakaway system is needed for the discharge of the liquid effluent - which can be a problem in certain areas. Periodic emptying is still required.
  • Sewage treatment plants: These are the modern, preferred option in many situations, as they are environmentally friendlier and offer increased installation flexibility.
  • Pumping stations: These are typically used when the lie of the land does not permit a normal drain to have the required 'fall'. With all the above, Datum can carry out the required ground tests and surveys, make the appropriate technical recommendations and advise on obtaining environmental planning consent.

pre-emptive maintenance

For 'zero-downtime' premises

For premises such as offices, public buildings and health-sensitive environments where even minor drainage problems are unacceptable, we offer preemptive maintenance programmes.

These start with a thorough initial survey and risk/problem assessment and involve ongoing regular maintenance work - keeping your drainage system clear and stopping problems before they start.

Call us now for a quote - and drainage problems will become something you don't have to think about.

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