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Why Datum?

We're local, independent with fixed pricing & offer free quotations and advice

Amazing how much digging you have to do to find a customer-centric drainage contractor.

Datum’s service offering is built around the key issues facing service companies today.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we're a very safe pair of hands.

We have the operational expertise, the equipment and the manpower to handle drainage and building work to the highest standards.

Above all, we have a customer-centric business ethos something that’s incredibly difficult to find in our industry, no matter how hard you dig.

Great service is at the centre of everything we do. No exceptions.

Datum has a short, plain-English service pledge. Our customers will tell you we take it very seriously indeed.

For example, we believe communication is vital - and we have a policy of communicating fully and regularly with the customer, whether it’s an update on the scope of the work or simply a courtesy call to keep them aware of our progress.

After each and every project, we ask customers to fill out a satisfaction form which seeks their opinion on nine key measures. And we constantly tune our operating practices to reflect this feedback.

Getting it Right

If we don't get it right, we'll put it right. Right away.

Careful diagnostics, thorough briefings and high standards of workmanship together go a long way to ensuring that Datum repairs stay repaired. None the less, we back our workwith a solid positive attitude. So in the unlikely event of a problem, we'll get to work on it promptly.

Reporting Integrity

Telling it like it is. With drainage systems invariably lying hidden underground, there is plenty of scope for everything from an over-embellished fault diagnosis to downright dishonest reporting.

At Datum we pride ourselves on looking for the truth and no more. We don't hesitate to tell you why a little more time spent on an apparently simple job could have big benefits downstream. But we're just as happy telling you that your problem was a one-off, easily solved with an hour's jetting.

With Datum, you know where you stand. We show imagination in the solutions we provide... not in the diagnostic reports.

Customer Feedback

We measure. And we fix things if we don't measure up.

No company's perfect, but it can be hell dealing with a firm that's blissfully ignorant of its faults - or heedless of them.

We ask our customers to rate us on nine vital satisfaction criteria - from the degree of disruption they've experienced during our work to the courtesy of our site operatives - and we review that feedback without fail.

Any departures from our standards are immediately reviewed and discussed with the team.

At Datum, we never forget that we're only as good as our last project.

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